Rum List

Our rums are listed denoting their country of origin, age statement (if known), ABV, distillation method and whether or not the rum has any additives, such as sugar or colouring.

Traditionally, rums are distilled using fermented molasses which is the by-product from sugar production. However, the rums in our section “Agricole, Clairin and Cachaca” are created using the sugar cane juice itself, after the cane has been freshly harvested and you will really taste the difference. The country of origin can greatly affect flavour too, even down to the regional yeast used in fermenting to create the alcohol! If you enjoy a certain rum, try and make note of some of these categories and it will help you find other rums you will enjoy in the future. As ever, please come and ask if you need any assistance in choosing a rum. We believe there is a rum for everyone, we just need to find it!


Generally Rums over the 5 year age statement are good for sipping, but this is a very loose rule, feel free to check with us for a recommendation. Whilst younger rums might not make a great sipper, they can create a fantastic daiquiri. Our selection of Spiced Rums try and show the full range of flavours available in this category, why not try something new?


We often receive new rums in, or replace certain expressions, so there may be some differences in the list below as to what is available. We haven’t included tasting notes as part of why we love what we do is discussing rum with you guys. We are more than happy to let you nose the spirit before you buy and can offer tasting advice at the bar.

The following key will be used: O: origin A: age ABV: alcohol percentage (No Add.) = untouched by additional colour, sugar or flavourings